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Bikram Hot Yoga Seacliff Instructors

All instructors at Bikram Hot Yoga Seacliff have been certified by Bikram Choudhury after graduating from his intensive Teacher Training Programs.  All instructors at Bikram Hot Yoga Seacliff are required to Re-Certify every 3 years, and to maintain the integrity of Bikram’s Hatha Yoga system and teaching methods. We encourage our teachers to continue their study, practice, and development as teachers by returning to the Source, attending Bikram’s seminars, classes, re-visiting the Teacher Trainings, and most importantly — maintaining their own Yoga practice.

hot yoga instructorAdam

I started practicing Bikram’s sequence in 2006 in New Hampshire. I had always enjoyed high-output physical activity and was interested in staying healthy so nice hot yoga class struck me…

hot yoga instructorLiza

Born in Santa Ana California, first generation Mexican American, I moved to San Francisco in 2008. This yoga came into my life in 2009 and two years later I became a teacher. I have moved 15 times within San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley.

hot yoga instructorHarry

I was seventeen when I moved with my parents to San Francisco from Shanghai. I have worked as a Sushi Chef since 2000 and continue to do so a few days a week.

bikram hot yoga seacliff instructorSuzanne

I started practicing Bikram yoga in order to keep my body fit during my career in professional theater. I realized that yoga was more than just keeping fit, but it was a powerful tool of “Self” reflection.

hot yoga instructorTamar

I took my first Bikram yoga class in August of 2001 when I was a sophomore in college. At the time I was dealing with a lot in my life and yoga was a way to clear emotionally, physically and mentally.

hot yoga instructorTara

I grew up in Tampa, FL with five older brothers. When I was two weeks old, I learned how to swim and began diving at age seven. I continued my diving career with the ‘Fighting Irish’, and graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Graphic Design

Bikram hot yoga Seacliff instructor LaurenLauren

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2009 in San Francisco. After my first class I was hooked! Within the first month of practicing I felt like I had much more energy,

Bikram Hot Yoga Seacliff Instructor ShellyShelly

Hi, to you that is reading this! I have been doing Bikram yoga 15 years, and teaching it 13 years. The immediate improvement felt by my overall body, mind and emotions by doing Bikram yoga is phenomenal.

hot yoga instructorSahar

In 2009, Sahar received her teaching certification with Bikram’s Yoga College of India. Since then she has been dedicated to sharing the art, science and philosophy of yoga with others.

hot yoga instructorChristian

What I have come to discover for myself through Bikram Yoga is that there are many layers to this practice. I have come to appreciate what Bikram Yoga has done for me.

hot yoga instructorCaroline

Practicing Bikram Yoga to me feels like my entire body is washed from inside out. It’s such a release of physical, emotional and psychological stress. When I leave the room everything has been washed through my sweat and left on my towel and mat.

hot yoga instructorJanar

Janar was a professional rhythmic gymnast before discovering Bikram yoga in 2006. She sees many similarities between competitive gymnastics and Bikram yoga—the ability to do amazing things with your body through hard work, patience, and diligence.

hot yoga instructorAna

Hello Yogis!! I welcome you and everyone that enters this wonderful practice of Bikram Yoga! A couple years ago I decided that I wanted to become a yoga instructor.

hot yoga instructorDan

I started practicing yoga while working as a reporter for a small town newspaper in 2005. Like many people, I was suffering from a bad lower back due to genetics and abusing my body from years of sports.

hot yoga instructorJay

I have been studying and practicing yoga for only a little under 4 years but have learned so much during this significant time. East coast born and native, I grew up around Philly and spent the last few years in Connecticut.

hot yoga instructorSteve